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New Virtual Library Offers over 250 Art Books for Free Download

on 08 April 2020

Getty Publications makes 45 years of art and conservation titles available online, with more to come.

172 addresses - 3 late nights - 1.6151 BTC - 1 transaction

on 08 April 2020



172 addresses - 3 late nights - 1.6151 BTC - 1 transaction

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"My Address To The European Pirates" - the speech by Rick Falkvinge

on 08 April 2020

Hundreds of pirates from all over Europe gathered in the European Parliament to formally found the European Pirate Party. It was an amazing gathering of determined activists, many of which were absolutely electrified at realizing the sheer scale of this movement, seeing 400 of Europe’s brightest activists gathering for the occasion.



Summary of Bitcoin Sweden Conference 2014 in Stockholm

on 05 April 2020

Summary of Bitcoin Sweden Conference 2014 in Stockholm

The Swedish Bitcoin Conference 2014 was held in Stockholm on April 3rd .

It was a really interesting event due to several factors.
First and the most important of them - BitcoinWoman magazine was there. Thanks mainly to BTCX that invited us, stressing that our presence is necessary. BTCX is a Swedish company providing exchange services in Sweden, but soon also in your country.

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The Bitcoin Sweden Conference 2014 takes place in Stockholm, Sweden on Thursday 3rd April 2014

on 28 March 2020


Bitcoin knap

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at the Swedish Bitcoin Conference 2014 in Stockholm.

The conference takes place on Thursday 3rd April 2014 in Stockholm – at Finlandshuset (Sibeliussalen), Snickarbacken/Birger Jarlsgatan.

This event is your opportunity to understand the Bitcoin community, get a better understanding of what Bitcoin actually is, how to buy Bitcoins, how to use Bitcoins – and how this new payment tool is now being developed into a more open economy. The conference is organized in close cooperation with BTCX – the leading virtual currency exchange in Sweden.
Meet the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation – Mr. Jon Matonis – who will be one of our speakers at this event. The conference program will include 9 to 11 individual presentations during the day.

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Joshua and Philip Scigala are passionate long-term supporters of bitcoin and the community. Both have a long history in technology and in the gold industry.

We like the idea and we publish their press release below:

First real time trading platform for bitcoin and physical gold

 · gives users the opportunity to be 100% bank independent

· The gold is stored in the user's name in high security vaults in Switzerland

· All bitcoin holdings are publicaly visible and verifiable

· All gold holdings are audited by BDO, one of the largest auditing firms in the world

With the launch of a person in Australia can potentially pay for a friend's beer in New York instantly using gold. Vaultoro is combining the oldest currency - gold - with bitcoin, the newest currency in the world. For the first time people around the world will be able to trade bitcoin and gold 100% bank independently. Users' gold is insured and vaulted in professional Swiss vaults while its value flies around the world in real-time.