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on 02 July 2020

"Experts advice" is the answer to the increasing need for consulting concerning Bitcoin, cryptocurrency in general, IT security issues and due diligence. We've been answering questions since months and finally decided to inspire a group of Experts with IT, legal and business backgrounds. They are willing to serve with their knowledge and experience and contribute to the magazine.

The scheme is following: You send us a message with your question, remember 1 question!

The easiest way to contact us is by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We encourage you to use encryption mailing to us BM-NB9m7Pn1mKqufovzrMie7H6AE7txT1M8

as you never know who can read your message, we are not interested in your data, we are interested only in your question.

Before asking question, please first explore available sources for answers as we are not Google. If there is no satisfactory answer in the Internet formulate your question, but please be precise!

We do not answer questions what's the meaning of life because such questions have well known answers:) WIKI

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Parent Category: Bitcoin
on 02 April 2020


 Barbara Messer spoke to Tristan Winters 

B: Tristan, let's start from general issues: How do you perceive recent regulatory trends of bitcoin market worldwide?

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on 21 March 2020

Barbara Messer spoke to Jeffrey Smith

 Hi! My name is Jeffrey Smith, I am the Chief Information Officer of CEX.IO LTD.
 -Before I ask you about services, tell us please, how it's all started and when you have learned about bitcoin?

The founders of CEX.IO have actively participated in the development of the first FPGA mining chips and made substantial progress in this field, however due to technological progress - they moved to ASICs and started developing the exchange platform in early January 2013.

 -What is CEX.IO and what services do you offer?

 Shortly speaking, CEX.IO is a commodity exchange platform, which allows users to buy and sell GHS (the calculating speed of ASIC miners, which are located in our data-centres around the world). While GHS are in your possession - they mine you Bitcoins. The GHS are liquid, meaning they can be sold for Bitcoins, Litecoins and Namecoins at any time at market price. CEX.IO has shared credentials with GHash.IO mining pool, which allows our users to trade and mine simultaneously.

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on 24 February 2020

Jeffrey Tucker for BWmag


Barbara Messer spoke to Jeffrey Tucker

-Jeffrey what is your general view of current economy, sources of crisis, demise of dollar, China proposals to establish gold parity standard currency, possible Bretton-Woods II schemes?

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on 07 February 2020


Is it a wave or already a tsunami of crypto-acceptance?

 As is well known Bitcoin is a fad, a bubble, a pseudocurrency having no practical meaning and application. These truths have been    revealed by a significant number of web experts, and are most likely not to be discussed. It's amazing to see that numerous morons all  over the world decide to accept payments in this parody of currency, disregarding the immense risk of losing their money, which is absent in the case of well known and popular fiat currencies.
But the facts...

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