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14. 05. 14

How One Woman Is Inspiring Others to Achieve the Impossible

Elsa Hammond is attempting the impossible. On June 7, 2020, she will be competing in the Great Pacific Race 2014, rowing 2400 miles from California to Hawaii. Rowing. In a boat, by herself, for three months.

I heard Elsa’s story this week and am seriously in awe of this woman. I can’t imagine rowing one mile, much less 2400. And to top it off, she is dedicating each of those 2400 miles to the GREAT Initiative, a gender equality charity, with the goal of celebrating inspirational women.

I’m the lead developer for the cryptocurrency, Ultracoin. Ultracoin is joining with BitcoinWoman Magazine to sponsor Elsa in her race. We will be supporting her, with donations and publicity – and by trying to raise awareness of the GREAT Initiative.

As a woman working in a male-dominated industry, I experience the issue of gender inequality every day. I’ve been very fortunate in my career to have women that have mentored me, have opened doors for me and have given me opportunities. But what means the most are those women that have inspired me, that have cheered me on, that have encouraged me to excel.

 Every day I have to push to be taken seriously, to have my work be valued and to be allowed to use my leadership abilities. What keeps me pushing is what I’ve seen other women do. I am able to get past my fear of failure and achieve far more than I ever thought possible.

To me, inspiration is seeing someone try what others are afraid to do. Seeing someone push boundaries. Seeing someone take on a challenge that scares them to death. I am more inspired by what someone tries to do than anything else.

Our fight for gender equality will not be won by implementing laws. It will be won by women pushing those boundaries and taking on those challenges. It will be won by women becoming so strong and so indispensable that the world takes notice. Women like Elsa inspire us to do just that.

So here’s to you Elsa. I offer my support in your journey, and my whole team does too. Hopefully we can take on some of the weight of those oars for you, so you can fly.


BitcoinWoman magazine and The Ultracoin team encourage everyone to read Elsa’s story on her website and help her in this incredible journey.

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