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Bitfash - a nice twist to the fashion e-commerce

14. 04. 24

Bitfash - a nice twist to the fashion e-commerce 

The latest trends using Bitcoin

As the development of enabling different areas of usage for Bitcoin is at full throttle two Australian entrepreneurs, Chris Woods and Keyur Kelkar, developed a new trend in the beginning of 2013. Bitfash is a portal for online-shopping that focus on clothing and accessories and accepts Bitcoin as means of payment.

Bitfash gathers both women and men’s clothing in one place. Today, Bitfash collaborates with four different retailers: ASOS, Forever 21, Inverted Edge and Shop De Creatures, which allows the customer to buy products from all of the retailers at once. The retailers’ prices are the same on Bitfash as on the original site and merely converted into the current Bitcoin market price.

A growing market

E-commerce is under extensive growth and according to the Swedish Statistics Community (Statistikersamfundet, 2020-01-23) the e-commerce increased 14 percent between 2011 and 2012. The categories dominating the market are electronics and clothes.  

During an interview with the Swedish virtual currency exchange service BTCX’s marketing manager a very interesting fact was mentioned: “women want to know what they can buy with Bitcoin”. This is a conclusion drawn from real life observations and conversations with women, mainly in Sweden, and important to regard for the future development of Bitcoin.

Why do we have to keep women in mind when speculating in the future of Bitcoin? Well, a common discussion is how Bitcoin can be used in the everyday life of ordinary people to keep the currency flourishing and to stimulate the Bitcoin economy. Women make an important target group in the fashion industry and Bitfash is a convenient way to present late adopters of new technology to Bitcoin. But really, the possibilities are endless and entrepreneurs are constantly developing new ideas on how to integrate Bitcoin as a payment option to avoid hoarding the currency, hoping for its value to rise.  

E-commerce attracts companies and entrepreneurs from many different business areas and so does Bitcoin. Bitfash is a contribution to spreading Bitcoin and a nice twist to the fashion e-commerce. It could be called a contemporary solution to the Bitcoin spending-problem but also a creative and clever way of using consumer behaviour to Bitcoin’s advantage.

Hedvig Andreassen for BITCOINWOMANmag


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