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14. 07. 02

"Experts advice" is the answer to the increasing need for consulting concerning Bitcoin, cryptocurrency in general, IT security issues and due diligence. We've been answering questions since months and finally decided to inspire a group of Experts with IT, legal and business backgrounds. They are willing to serve with their knowledge and experience and contribute to the magazine.

The scheme is following: You send us a message with your question, remember 1 question!

The easiest way to contact us is by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We encourage you to use encryption mailing to us BM-NB9m7Pn1mKqufovzrMie7H6AE7txT1M8

as you never know who can read your message, we are not interested in your data, we are interested only in your question.

Before asking question, please first explore available sources for answers as we are not Google. If there is no satisfactory answer in the Internet formulate your question, but please be precise!

We do not answer questions what's the meaning of life because such questions have well known answers:) WIKI

There is one thing we expect in return, your donation to as this magazine enlightens people thanks to your donations. There is no minimum amount of it and there is no high limit, all depends on your appreciation for our time and effort.

The most interesting questions and answers will be published on on "Experts advice"board

Questions and answers of confidential nature will not be published ( it's always your choice if you agree to publish them or not)

You can take a look at the mockup, at the moment only for PC not yet for mobile devices