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on 14 April 2020

Growing up in Mogadishu in the late 80s in a house full of young single women, the standard dress code for us was a traditional costume called a dirac (a long transparent loose dress), worn with an underskirt, bra and a light shawl. Women did not cover their hair until they were married. My aunts were allowed to date once they turned 16. There were only two rules: date men who had cars so they could pick them up and drop them off, and be back home before 10pm. When their potential suitors came to fetch them, they would politely greet family members with the customary “Galab wanaagsan” (good afternoon) or “Habeen wanaagsan” (good evening).

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on 26 March 2020


Why This Africa Startup Decided to Accept Bitcoin


Why This Africa Startup Decided to Accept Bitcoin

Fashion design startup Minku is based in Nigeria and Spain.

The company specialises in manufacturing and selling handmade leather bags, sold online and at high-end stores in Nigeria.

Kunmi Otitoju is the founder of Minku. A young and dynamic entrepreneur with experience working in both the US and Europe.

She is excited by the opportunities Bitcoin represents in both the Nigerian fashion industry and e-commerce space. See her full interview here.

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on 10 March 2020

How can for-profit companies and charities work together to promote bitcoin awareness in the developing world?

A handful of different projects launched in Africa recently could point the way forward. There are plenty of worthy causes around the world already accepting bitcoin donations, in both developed and developing economies.

What sets the following projects apart from those, however, is an equally worthy ulterior motive: to actually get bitcoin technology into the hands of recipients and those around them, and to demonstrate its utility in daily life. Each charity is doing it their own unique way.

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on 03 March 2020

As a proud member of the Bitcoin worldwide community we are pleased to offer Dead Sea products at 70%OFF shipped directly from location in Israel! Your purchases will help grow the Bitcoin/Altcoin user base as well as rejuvenating your skin. 

Lets face it, you may have many Bitcoins but only one face!

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on 28 February 2020

BITSEATS allows you to purchase event tickets with Bitcoin. They can get tickets to almost any event thru their ticket broker partners.