At the moment the website serves as a blog and awaits for renewal

Dev version

14. 06. 30

Dear Readers,

You can take a look at dev version, at the moment only for PC not yet for mobile devices

It will run on ModX, it's the best in PHP, later we plan something based on Node or web2py.  Don't dare looking in to the code, its a total mess yet :)))

In the future we  are going to run  platforms in many languages.  Each website will have their own life and ecosystem, each will concern issues of respective country and you will be able to follow the progress.

The platform consists of 4 parts:
1.NEWS-bitcoin related news, academy,  btc business, relax(style, fashion, beauty ,travelling)
2.NOESIS- { (Philosophy) the exercise of reason, esp in the apprehension of universal forms
    (Psychology) the mental process used in thinking and perceiving; }

-here we are going to publish interesting news from the world of technology, science, medicine, promoting education from TEDacademy, KHANacademy, ADA initiative, She.code academy and many others.....

 3.BITGEMS- this part is similar to, here our readers can publish all they find interesting from Internet. What is the difference from "digg" is the system of scoring of entries. (this part is still under development)

4. ARTBREAK- here we are going to inspire people to acquire knowledge with the help of ART
 (3 of them are almost ready, in few days we will show you the screeshot)

-To inspire change by encouraging gender parity in tech and cryptocurrency
-Our magazine is directed to everybody but mostly to women, because from cryptocurrencies perspective it is an area practically unexplored.

BITCOINWOMANmag is a donation project.  Thanks.

Adress for donations :  BTC   1Bj81oH248xxRfyhh7VrMMV3UVpxhrD6Kw


Joshua and Philip Scigala are passionate long-term supporters of bitcoin and the community. Both have a long history in technology and in the gold industry.

We like the idea and we publish their press release below:

First real time trading platform for bitcoin and physical gold

 · gives users the opportunity to be 100% bank independent

· The gold is stored in the user's name in high security vaults in Switzerland

· All bitcoin holdings are publicaly visible and verifiable

· All gold holdings are audited by BDO, one of the largest auditing firms in the world

With the launch of a person in Australia can potentially pay for a friend's beer in New York instantly using gold. Vaultoro is combining the oldest currency - gold - with bitcoin, the newest currency in the world. For the first time people around the world will be able to trade bitcoin and gold 100% bank independently. Users' gold is insured and vaulted in professional Swiss vaults while its value flies around the world in real-time.