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on 09 February 2020

Artist Teresa Piacentino Accepts Bitcoins for the Purchase of Her Oil Paintings and Art Reproductions

Her career has flourished in recent years. With dozens of new paintings every year, Teresa Piacentino is a fruitful and passionate artist.

on 05 February 2020


I first heard of Bitcoin back in earlyI April 2013. My open-source-obsessed partner, what I didn't really appreciate being a Windows fool for most part of my life, was walking around the house, swearing and mumbling F*&^%! I   shouldn't have been going to work!!!!!. He was very frustrated as he had initially learnt about bitcoin in early 2011, but being busy with the hard grind, had no time to research it further and simply forgot about it. He started observing it again in January 2013 when the price was at ~$15. I obviously wanted to know what that fuss was about and what that bloody bitcoin was. When he first explained it to me, he blinded me with science, I was like Mrs Einstein asked of her familiarity with her husband’s work on relativity - I understood the words, but not the sentences.

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on 01 February 2020

My wife received some bitcoin from me, instead of a ring, when we got married in May- its now worth 18x as much :)

My Bitcoin Wedding

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on 30 January 2020

 We've just received some beautiful pictures from Botswana. In her letter Alah said "The meet-up was very exciting and nice". We've managed to hold it, I want to believe it was wonderful. We shared the power point presentation from Quantum Leap Inc and their video. It was wonderful. I will be able to share with you the video(gone for editing) and more photos next week, Tuesday."

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on 28 January 2020

Bitcoin as a concept can be pretty intimidating for your average person. I understand. For quite awhile, I watched from the sidelines, uncertain whether or not to take the jump in. After I did deeper research, I got more comfortable with the concepts, but it was the generous community of bitcoiners that ended up selling me on the idea.

When I first heard of the massive outpouring of generosity Sean’s Outpost Homeless Outreach received, my sometimes cynical heart was warmed—it got me right in the feels. Ah yes, the heart, that sometimes venerated but often distrusted organ that can have the purest intentions but be led astray so often. It’s an organ that sometimes gets downplayed (and I can’t really disagree) by your more mentally prone types—precisely the ones that tend to inhabit libertarian, anarcho-capitalist, and crypto-anarchist circles.

But today, I want to write about the unnecessary presence of another organ within another sphere of revolution—Bitcoin. Being the bitcoin news junkie I am, I came across this article about women and bitcoin, and being an active woman in the bitcoin world, I of course had to worry my pretty little head about it.

Now, this might come as a shock to you, but believe it or not, there are fewer female bitcoiners than men. All those men sure frighten my delicate sensibilities! Why, it’s just so scary being around a bunch of guys…talking about code…whipping out their dongles…discussing ways to nonviolently revolutionize the system.

by Meghan

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