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on 05 May 2020

A Sex and Crypto Dilemma

Close your eyes for a second while I tell you someone’s name: MrCashKing. Now tell me the first thing you think of. What comes to mind?

I saw that name yesterday on Twitter, on a tweet about my alt coin, UltraCoin. So I clicked on his profile, and saw, very prominently displayed, scantily clad women with MrCashKing written all over their bodies and a huge group of hip-hop followers. The guy is apparently some kind of hip-hop and Twitter master. How in the world did he get hooked up with us?

Now I’m not really a prude, but I am a pretty straight-laced woman. I don’t wear revealing clothing, I hardly even drink – I’m a mom, for heaven’s sake.  My kids laugh at how clueless I am about cultural trends and my total ignorance of different lifestyles. So my first reaction was, OMG, do we really want this guy in the UltraCoin community?

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on 25 April 2020

 DCGirl on Marketing Crypto to Women

  As the lone woman on a cryptocurrency team, I’m often asked my opinion about what women like. Recently I joined my team on Skype and a discussion was already underway. Like most altcoins, we’re working to increase the exposure of UltraCoin, so the team was talking about how UltraCoin can appeal to women. Worthy subject, right? The discussion went like this:

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on 19 April 2020
Bit*Jane is a former Teacher of the Year with a master’s degree and teaching certificates in Art, Early Childhood and Special Education. She plans to return to teaching and still hopes to earn her doctorate.

Bit*Jane has never taken a journalism, business, accounting, engineering, marketing, CIS or coding class – and not even a math class beyond high school – proving with her experiment that anyone can learn to understand the concepts and usage, create a self-sustaining web site, blog or business, and generate some SWAG and even wealth with Bitcoin.

I am sure you will appreciate her Bitcoin Experiment...

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on 14 April 2020


The Story of a Girl Developer in CryptoLand

In one small corner of CryptoLand there’s a coin exchange, named BTC-e, used for buying and selling Bitcoins and other crytocurrencies. BTC-e has a chat section called the Trollbox. Populated with scammers, hawkers and sweet-talkers from all over the world, and moderated by people with names like koolio and bumface, the Trollbox was my first introduction to cryptocurrency.

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on 05 April 2020

 Sew Creative Bags

A labor of love and creativity

"I love being around creative people and beautiful handmade things. In a world where too much of what we have is mass manufactured, I love to support people who do things differently. There is a lot to be said for people who keep the traditions alive and remind us that we can do things  for ourselves. An enormous amount of talent is lost when people are not able to follow their passion and do what comes naturally to them. More of us should take that leap. The world is a better place for it." ~Me

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