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Friend of Bitcoin Megan Duffield and her "Ask Megan" educational campaign about precious metals I LOVE THIS PIC! DO YOU?

on 27 March 2020

Megan Duffield, currently residing in Denver, CO

 As a sound money advocate, you can find much Megan's work wrapped up in the world of liberty activism, precious metals and cryptocurrencies. She began learning about money and the banking systems of the world after discovering Ron Paul in the 2008 election. This spurred a new passion in her life: finding ways to transact and live in a peaceful manner.

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BWEA - Bitcoin Women Entrepreneurs Association

on 16 March 2020

BWEA - Bitcoin Women Entrepreneurs Association - it could be an interesting project,


to promote business cooperation between members and inspire women interested in Bitcoin to change their perspectives and start using cryptocurrencies,

to unite women originating from different backgrounds, representatives of businesses, politics, world of science, art, journalism, starting their career, and those with great potential and experience......

To make this project real we need funds.


Empress Dowager Cixi - a powerful and charismatic woman

on 21 February 2020


Empress Dowager Cixi was the most important woman in Chinese history. She ruled China for decades and brought a medieval empire into the modern age.

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Treasures of Elsa Schiaparelli

on 13 February 2020

Treasures of Elsa Schiaparelli

photograph Irving Peng

 “She had beautiful skin and beautiful legs and a beautiful breast,” she said. “She was very voluptuous, my grandmother. She had a very sensual quality about her, too, actually, so she could be soft and she could be quite intimidating.”

PARIS — “I would come in and she would be in her bed, with all these heart-shaped, shocking pink pillows,” the actress Marisa Berenson said about her grandmother Elsa Schiaparelli, the great couturier of the 1930s. “She had beautiful skin and beautiful shoulders and sexy nighties that were all embroidered.

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Unexpected Courage of Bertha Benz

on 07 February 2020

 Unexpected Courage of  Bertha Benz


In early August 1888.  without her husband's knowledge, Bertha Benz, with her sons Richard and Eugen, fourteen and fifteen years old, drove in one of Benz's newly constructed Patent Motorwagen No. 3 automobiles from Mannheim to Pforzheim, becoming the first person to drive an automobile over more than a very short distance.The distance was about 104 km (65 mi). Distances traveled before this historic trip were short, and merely trials with mechanical assistants

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Why do you think more men are drawn to Bitcoin than women? Why is there a disconnect between females and Bitcoin?
That was the question I started to ask myself when I learned about bitcoin, why we are different than men in tech, why men still dominate STEM college majors and careers. Because this is the real issue. I think finally I found the answer- I assume it's not the matter of Bitcoin but information technology. Why there is such a great technological gap between men and women.... Stats are clear: 'women currently comprise 18% of computer science undergraduate majors'. In US. In EU, in IT sector work only 1.5% of women.

What are possible reasons? I did a small research.

Maybe we are just inherently stupid? Apparently not. It was proven by a lot of researches (even not ideologicaly motivated) that women are comparably intelligent to men. At least at an early stage of life. Later, men who are more often involved in activities requiring learning new things become a little more intelligent due to such training. However the difference is usually not more than 3%. This suggests, that despite lack of training and multiple factors potentialy negatively affecting women intellectual development, they are at least as intelligent as men.
The above gives us answer what is not responsible for handicapped position of women in more serious areas of human activity, but what is responsible?
I can pinpoint two factors.


People often disregard biological differencies as just a matter of appearance and physiology. In fact we are shaped through our entire life by experiences. These experiences are different between men and women. And not just because we cannot easily urinate standing and men do not menstruate :) . There are more subtle, but ultimately more important for intellectual formation differences. Just to show a few: women visual perception is focused on colors and general image, while men more precisely perceive details and movement (this is due to different hormones inhibiting formation of respective neurones); there are differences in three dimensional orientation based on visual perception; there is measurable difference in sound perception between both sexes. There are lot more such cognitive differences that made up and affect our experience.